jueves, 2 de abril de 2015

Broken Dreams by JassiOberai

A Balti boy from Turtuk Village in Ladakh. Turtuk is about as close as you can get to Pakistan in India, physically and literally. This delightful village is crunched into the narrowing Shyok River valley in the furthest corner of India. Only when the Indo-Pakistan war ended in 1971, Turtuk (together with 5 other Balti villages) was then included within the Indian line of border control. It remained off limits until 2 years ago and keeping it well off the the beaten track. It was indeed the best part of our trip. Turtuk is in every sense a treat – culturally intact, untainted by tourism and simply delightful. The inhabitants of this village are very hard working. They resort to agriculture to fulfill their own needs of vegetables and stuff. For livlihood, young work in Govt. jobs and old still resort to "porting" using their "ponies" and earning around Rs. 35000/- annually. Do check our new season of Ladakh photo tour here: Mesmerising Ladakh Photo Tour via 500px http://ift.tt/1BQ1aO8

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