martes, 14 de abril de 2015

Dawn Duster by robetzel

After hiking up through a tall, wet and tangled wheat field at the foothills of Steptoe Butte, I setup for sunrise shots of the rolling hills of the Palouse. A faint buzzing sound broke the silence on this crisp Sunday morning and out of the blue -- or orange in this case -- a very low-flying bi-plane appeared from the north. In a few seconds -- and just as the sun was about to crest the mountains to the east -- this crop dusting plane flew into my scene. I was expecting to shoot at a slower shutter speed and smaller aperture for the landscape in front of me, but I quickly compensated for the plane's speed while still keeping within the dynamic range of the impending sunrise. Of the dozen or so shots, fumbling around with shutter, aperture and ISO (I was in M) I managed to get two frames off that were in focus but only one with a shutter speed fast enough to match the plane's movement. Shooting nearly directly into the sun produced this massive orange flare and with some creative post processing I was able to produce this final image. via 500px

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