miércoles, 15 de abril de 2015

Finland - Frozen Tree under Northern Lights by -lucie-

© Lucie Debelkova Photography | http://ift.tt/16wNTM2 | Facebook | Google+ | Twitter | Flickr | Instagram It is being said that a picture is worth a thousand words and it is very true statement, however what if you put thousands of pictures together ? - Check out my new video of Frozen world of Arctic Lapland , which also features this photo. More of them can be found on Frozen world under Northern Lights, Finland & Northern Lights over Arctic Lappland, Sweden Europe - Finland - Suomi - North of the Arctic Circle - Finnish Lapland - Lappland - Lapponia under fresh cover of snow during winter time - Aurora borealis - Northern light - Produced by solar wind particles guided by Earth's field lines to the top of the atmosphere Camera Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark III; Lens: EF14mm f/2.8L II USM; Focal length: 14.00 mm; Aperture: 2.8; Exposure time: 6.0 s; ISO: 2500 All rights reserved - Copyright © Lucie Debelkova All images are exclusive property and may not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, transmitted, manipulated or used in any way without expressed, written permission of the photographer. via 500px http://ift.tt/1FK5e4L

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