lunes, 20 de abril de 2015

Magnetic Gaze by ZacRobinson

Magnetic Gazing It had been far too long since we lay under the stars and looked up at the vast core of the Milky Way, so we escaped the city and crossed over to Magnetic Island for a night of stargazing. There are several remote beaches on the island that I had previously scouted out for this very purpose. Balding Rock Bay is positioned perfectly at the NE tip of the island and if the skies cooperated, it would be the perfect location for our trip. We hiked out under overcast skies and set up for the evening at a lookout over the bay. It took a while, but eventually the skies partially cleared around 2:00am revealing this view of the risen core. It's my first significant astro shot of 2015, and also my last for a while. We are heading to Norway in a fortnight, and the skies there will be endlessly lit. I look forward to sharing some Nordic landscapes with you all soon. Cheers! Camera: Canon 6D Lens: Samyang 14mm f/2.8 ISO 800 and 6400 FL: 14mm Av: f/2.8 Tv: 26s and 180s Filters: No HDR: Sort of Panorama: Two rows of 7 portrait images: - Foreground: 7x180s shots @ ISO100 - Sky: 7x26s shots @ ISO6400 via 500px

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