viernes, 10 de abril de 2015

Nocturne For Aurora by RyanDyar

View on black if you are a decent person. So on my way home from Norway, I stopped over in Iceland for a week. I hadn't planned or researched much beforehand, so on the flight over I thoroughly studied Ron and Sarah's eBook which was a huuuge help for pretty much everything you would need to know regarding a photo trip to the island. I just wish there was a chapter on how to control the weather. Vestrahorn, pictured here, has become a pretty iconic spot and wasn't necessarily on my list of places HAD to see... but it was decided to camp here for the night after the satellites showed it to be one of the few areas with clearing skies that we had time to get to. We sat in our camper van for much of the night eating Indonesian Ramen noodles my buddy Ronald had brought with him from home, drinking a couple of Iceland's finest brews, and having deep discussions about the differences between American and Indonesian cultures (mostly about TV and if they play certain shows here or there... yes, they play Friends there). When the skies finally broke open we were greeted to this show. I know it may look a bit over the top, but this is pretty accurate to the scene... even to the RAW files. The foreground is a small tidal stream reflecting the color from the Aurora above. The warm light coming from the left side is the moonrise, which glowed as colorful as any sunrise you'll see. It was one of the more unique displays of color and light I've had the chance to point a camera at. Hopefully the interesting conditions make up for the fact that this is a really popular location that some of you may get tired of seeing. Anyways, I recently released a new post-processing instructional video. It's packed with some unique techniques and theories about processing you may not find anywhere else. People seem to really be enjoying the videos and have had nothing but great things to say, so I *think* they are helping people... it's been awesome to see the many before/after shots people have been emailing me. Be sure to check the videos out if you are into that sort of thing. It's all on my website, as well as more photos, photo tour info, processing instruction via Skype like everyone else is doing, etc, etc. 2015 Tour Schedule Lofoten Autumn Aurora - With Arild Heitmann & Stian Klo Northern Lights Finale - With Arild Heitmann & Stian Klo Processing Tutorial Videos Processing Instruction via Skype via 500px

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