viernes, 17 de abril de 2015

Picacho Peak Milkyway Panoramic by SeanParker

Last night I held a private astrophotography workshop at Picacho Peak 40 miles north of Tucson, Arizona and this is one of the scenes I managed to capture during the event. This is a 12 Photo Panoramic showing the Milkyway Arching over Picaco Peak and the Interstate 10. This photo means a lot to me as I've never shot here at night time in all the years driven past the place and lived in Tucson. The area was very peaceful and quiet even though it was near the Interstate. I was given location tips from local photog Greg McCown before heading out, thanks Greg! And thank you Terry (my student) for adventuring to an unfamiliar location with me to learn how to capture images like this one. It was a blast! via 500px

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