viernes, 3 de abril de 2015

Playing hide and seek .. by guchaaa

For more images please do visit my page This image was clicked yesterday in shivaji nagar late evening ... This image goes well with a story of pain agony and struggle... My health was not so good last month and i and my whole family was hospitalized .. So i could not click much in that lean period ... After a long while i took walk with my friend on saturday morning and I was waiting and waiting to get a good perspective all the while but never got any ... In street we have so much opportunity to cross the ethics and limits and get tempted in staging ... I never upload any picture here if any staging is involved.. I discourage every one to do that infact .. Staging never makes us good photographer .. Patience is the key for photography and Desperation may never take you anywhere .. So with that in Mind I took a long walk alone yesterday evening .. perspectives were coming but it is quite hard to get a frame that touches your heart... But the thing is Never give up .. Never stage a shot out of desperation and Never let go the patience that you are having .. And with the struggle and patience .. I was gifted with this frame after a half an hour wait on the road in beef market . With all the stink of flesh and crowd there always watching you this shot is just a gift to carry my struggle. via 500px

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