viernes, 3 de abril de 2015

Portrait of a girl by AndreyZhukov

This photo is special. It's about working in your own studio - when there is no rush, hustle and hurry, when you can work as long as you whant. The second very special thing is about co-operation. This photo is a piece of work of 4 very talented photographers - Maxim Guselnikov, Pavel Smetanin, Alexey Tyurin and me :) With a help of retouch master - Tatiana Gavrilina. Cheers to our beautiful & emotional model Christina Shershunova. And the last but not least thing - my camera. A few days ago I was attacked by some "haters" - they said, that Olympus is not as awesome camera, as I always tell to my friends. Ok - this is the result when aperture is wide open :) I Like it, and you? via 500px

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