domingo, 5 de abril de 2015

Simply Starward by everlookphotography

Lake Bumbunga South Australia (as they say, view on black for best effect!) Sometimes I ask myself why I continue to take photographs. This tends to happen every so often when in moments of self doubt that occur due to many other reasons. Then I reflect on all the things about the process that I enjoy. -I enjoy being on a dark highway at 3am in the morning -I enjoy listening to music from the 90's dance scene that make me recall how much energy I had in my 20s -I look forward to looking for that turnout I've taken so many times yet always seem to miss in the dark! -I like being out in the pitch dark laying dirtily on my back looking at the stars above. -I often enjoy taking a stripped back approach to photography at times without worrying about focus stacking , exposure blending, and all the technical stuff that can sometimes make me forget just where I am. - I especially appreciate the coke bottle sitting next to me on my drive home and enjoy just as much the smiles of Jaime and Charlotte as I arrive home. - I am excited as ever to import the images and play around with them to get them on their way to how I hope they should turn out. Marianne and I will be going on a holiday for ourselves for a week coming up and we will miss our girls! I might have to remind myself to strip back sometimes and just enjoy rather than be driven to photograph. [Web Gallery] [Facebook] [Instagram] [Flickr] [Deviant Art Gallery] via 500px

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