viernes, 17 de abril de 2015

The Dance of Kirkjufell by EdNorton

This is a 6 shot vertical panoramic of the March 18th aurora display. Quite easily the best night of my life! I'd been to Iceland 6 times before this and had never been lucky enough to see the lights in action. I was heading out to Iceland this time to photograph the partial solar eclipse. The weather forecast was showing that day and night the only to be clear out of the next 7 so after dropping my bags off in Reykjavik I headed straight for Kirkjufell. It was also a 4 on the kp index for activity so thought there could be a half decent chance of seeing something. As soon as the sun had set I turned around and could already see some lights dancing in the sky.. I didn't quite believe it at first as it was still pretty light! The darker it got, the brighter and more intense the aurora became. It didn't stop all night and although I was tired/cold/hungry I was perfectly happy to shoot through the night to photograph it! A truly magical night. via 500px

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