miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015

The decision to wait for the sunrise by ManuelMartin1972

It was very cold the morning when I made this shot! And once again I got up in the middle of the night to make my way up the mountain. The main goal was to capture the sunrise with a panoramic view of the mountains around the valley! Well, but it was more difficult to leave the warm bed than to walk up the mountain he he he :-) The scene reminded me of a cartoon scene with Tom and Jerry. I suddenly had an evil angel looking just like me on my left shoulder and on my right shoulder a good angel also looking just like me. The evil one saying things like "Come on ... don't go up the mountain, only idiots are leaving the house at this time in the morning to experience the cold weather. And look at this wonderful and warm bed in this lovely and warm family room. You can sleep as long as you want!". The good angel instead only said things like "You must show power with knightly stamina to present respect towards nature. Be noble and virtuous my dear friend and don't listen to the other angel!". Well, the good one won this fight and hours later I was sitting in the dark of the night and waiting in the cold snow at -12.5 degrees for the sunrise. Damn, why I didn't listen to the evil angel? And look at me now, I could be in the warm bed and dream of a summer at the beach ha ha ha :-) But then the colors of the sky changed, and exactly at this point I knew why I always make such things ;-) Thank you for your time and interest in my photos, your visit is most appreciated :-) ________________________________________ Follow me on Facebook ________________________________________ via 500px http://ift.tt/1C6SHWy

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