miércoles, 8 de abril de 2015

The Dunes by ramij

The Dunes - Death Valley, CA Here is my first shot from my visit to Death Valley a few months back. This shot was definitely a story of perseverance. After parking my car I walked into the dunes from the side (less crowds) only to discover footprints EVERYWHERE. I mean EVERYWHERE. It looked nothing like what I expected. It literally looked like the Ohio State marching band had been practicing on the dunes for weeks. It must have been a while since a nice wind gust had been along to "reset" the dunes. I set out on the dunes in search of finding a clean dune or two. I literally walked for miles and miles and hours and hours. Up the side of a dune only to discover someone had been there before and "destroyed" it. Back down and up another dune. Rinse and repeat as the sun slowly started making it's way to the horizon. After hours and hours of searching I found myself on the tallest dune in the whole bunch (exhausted and about ready to pass out). It had footprints all over it as well. I looked out from this point and could see one set of dunes that looked clean. I wasn't sure but they looked decent and it was worth one last shot. I made my way up the side of the dune (ensuring not to ruin a potential composition) and FINALLY found something that would work. I worked the scene a bit to found something I liked and ended up with this scene... the golden light of the sunset lighting up one side of the dunes while leaving the other side in shadow. The way out was quite an adventure as well. I had tried to mark where I parked my car with my phone and use the compass to make my way back. I stayed until twilight and then began my way back to the car. Of course I got distracted by some things to shoot on the way back and the area got pitch black quickly. (Side note: Death Valley is probably named after the cell service you get here. Literally no service where I was.) I walked for what felt like forever using the compass and the mountains as a way-point. After what felt like forever I finally found the road (but not the parking lot). Decision time... which way should I walk? Of course I choose the wrong way and walked about a mile or two before deciding the car must be the other way. I turned around, eventually made it back to the car, and then made my way back to the hotel for some food and rest. All in all a fun and adventurous night. via 500px http://ift.tt/1O95LDK

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